An experiment with time-reversing a complex quantum process finds that information in the present is resistant to alterations in the ‘past,’ and reality in quantum mechanics is self-healing

This series of photos show the death of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Figure A shows healthy bacteria just before CAGE is introduced. Figure B shows how CAGE causes degradation after five minutes and Fig. C shows death after 60 minutes.

Space junk is making low Earth orbit crowded.CREDIT: Shutterstock

Understanding how water moves through the permafrost landscape is vital to understanding permafrost-carbon-climate feedbacks.

Because of the dry climate and steep terrain in northern New Mexico, the amount of water available to its communities is largely driven by seasonal precipitation. (Courtesy of Katrina Bennett)
Niju Narayanan

An artist’s concept depicts NASA’s Mars rover exploring the red planet. It is set for launch this summer

Large-area quantum dot luminescent sunlight collector made by depositing a quantum dot/polymer composite onto commercial window glass.

A CICE Consortium graphic of sea-ice physics illustrates the complexity and breadth of variables at play.

Los Alamos National Lab

Breaking stories from Los Alamos National Lab, a multidisciplinary research institution engaged in strategic science on behalf of national security.

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